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YEI Corporation

The YEI Corporation, formerly Yost Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1999 in Portsmouth, Ohio and serves clients across the United States and internationally, through its two operating divisions, YEI Healthcare and YEI Technology.

YEI Healthcare

YEI Healthcare offers both off-the-shelf and custom medical necessity, coding, and compliance products, as well as a wide variety of data files and claim scrubbing services. YEI Healthcare's products can be accessed through software, web services, data subscriptions, back-end web interfaces and hosted solutions.

Visit YEI Healthcare for more information about these and other products and services.

  • ABN Assistant™ WEB medical necessity, ABN generation, coverage and coding rules. Deployed by hospitals, health systems, and physicians throughout the United States for both Medicare and commercial insurance. Deployed as a hosted web application.
  • EPStaffCheck™ for simple and efficient verification of employee and vendor excluded party status under the OIG, GSA SDN, and state programs, including EPLS, LEIE, OMIG, and others.
  • YEI ClaimScrub™ for complete pre-submission claims scrubbing to ensure complete, clean, and payable claims, including standard and custom coding and medical necessity edits. Available in Provider, Payer, and Clearinghouse editions.
  • Medical Necessity Tables. Comprehensive medical necessity files for NCDs and LCDs issued by CMS, MACs, FIs, and Carriers, as well as commercial payers. Single-facility or redistribution licenses. Standard and custom formats, including CPSI, Epic Systems, Merge / Fletcher-Flora (LabPak, FFlex eSuite), Iatrics (MNO, LAB e-Laborate), MediTech & other systems. Compiled entirely from original sources, updated daily. The most accurate data in the industry.
  • EpiCoder™ WEB medical encoders
  • Data Files and Services for medical necessity, coding information, CCI and other healthcare data, provided to regional and national HIT vendors to drive their software and services.
YEI Technology

YEI Technology provides Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and servo controllers. We also provide custom development for clients with a need for products or services within our areas of expertise.

Visit YEI Technology for information on these and other products and services.

  • YEI 3-Space Sensor™ high-precision Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) provide a reliable, high-accuracy, low-cost, small-size solution to movement and orientation challenges. Exceptionally accurate attitude and heading information based on the three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, and three-axis compass. Proprietary multi-reference vector mode increases accuracy and greatly reduces and compensates for sensor error, and a dynamic sensor confidence algorithm ensures optimal accuracy and precision across a wide range of operating conditions.
  • YEI 3-Space HiPerGyro™ is an integrated system that utilizes a novel arrangement of sensing elements combined with advanced algorithmic processing to produce an ultra-high-precision, high-reliability, miniature, navigation-grade Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) / Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The system exhibits size, weight, and power characteristics similar to MEMS-based solutions yet achieves performance characteristics previously only attainable in laser-ring and fiber-optic systems.
  • ServoCenter™ controllers allow RC servo motors to be precisely timed, controlled, and coordinated for use in the most demanding robotics and animatronics applications. Available in USB, MIDI, and serial packages.
  • SC-BASIC Sequencer / BASIC Interpreter allows ServoCenter 4.1 boards to be programmed to perform various tasks via the use of a simple tokenized BASIC-like scripting language. This feature can be used to implement customer specific logic, I/O, and servo control tasks without the need for a PC or other external command device.
  • PScreen: An Intuitive Python Graphics Module provides simple 2D drawing and graphics functions as well as mouse and keyboard I/O.